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Hi!  I’m Mel…

…and I write children’s books.  

I grew up in England but these days I call the Sunshine Coast my home.  In 2002, unable to stand the weather any longer, I moved to Australia to study Naturopathy.  I made my home in the Blue Mountains which, it turned out, had even worse weather.

My next move was much more successful, meteorologically speaking.  I spent two years in Phuket, Thailand, working, having Thai massages, eating deep-fried crickets and having a baby.  After that I came back to Oz.

Several years on, I’m living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland with my two kids, chickens, ducks and a guinea pig.

I work as a content creator and copywriter for (mostly) women in the health and wellness space. I’m passionate about helping women focus on doing the work they love – by taking on the tasks they don’t want, or don’t have time, to do.

I’m also currently writing an upper middle grade series of books called the Morven Manor series which is full of magic and mystery.

In my spare time I love to grow herbs, ferment things and learn about magical stuff like astrology, tarot and reading tea leaves.

I also love to read what other people write – and point out all their spelling mistakes.