Hi!  I’m Mel and I write children’s books.

As a mother of two young and cheeky monkeys, I’m an expert at sneaking vegetables into things and secretly removing the batteries from noisy toys.

I grew up in England but, these days I call the Sunshine Coast my home.  In 2002, unable to stand the weather any longer, I moved to Australia to study Naturopathy.  I made my home in the Blue Mountains which, it turned out, had even worse weather.

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Free Tasty Treat!

Grab your free copy of ‘Beyond Marmalade’, your guide to salting and preserving citrus.  Other recipes and gardening tips also sporadically included.


…and I Proofread

Whether you’re an academic, an author, a web designer or a blogger, you want your finished piece to be highly polished with no unprofessional spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.  As a proofreader, I will check your entire manuscript, correcting all those annoying little errors while still preserving your own unique voice.  

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