Morven Manor Series


Morven Manor Book 1

When Annabel is sent to the country with her little sister Lottie, she expects her stay to be short and very dull.  After all, everyone knows that the War will be over soon.

It is 1915 and the two girls are sent to the relative safety of Little Morven to stay with their Uncle, whom neither of them have met before.

As they settle in to their new home in their Uncle’s enormous old manor house, it becomes clear that things are not as they seem.

Lottie begins to hear strange noises that no-one else can hear and the old housekeeper takes an inexplicable and intense dislike to the sisters.

As more and more odd things happen, Annabel finds herself wondering if she is going crazy or if there is something sinister going on in the little village.

With the help of a local boy and his eccentric granny, Annabel begins to uncover the mystery of the house, the village and her family.

Status: Final tweaks in progress!

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