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Proofreading and copyediting services

Content is everywhere you look – websites, newspapers, blog articles, advertisements, social media, books, academic journals, essays and more.

We use content to inform, educate, entertain, sell and distract.

Everyone has a voice and an opinion and we can share our voice and opinion across multiple platforms with few boundaries.

It’s never been so easy to tell your story…

…but there’s nothing as jarring or unprofessional as spelling mistakes, typos or poor grammar when reading someone’s body of work.

This is where the services of a proof reader come in.

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What does a proofreader/copyeditor do?

When you’ve been working on something for a long time it’s difficult to see the woods for the trees and notice any errors you’ve made.

And let’s face it – no matter how careful we try to be, we all make errors.

Hiring an objective pair of eyes can help bring your important piece of work up to its very highest standard.

I read through each thesis, essay, book or article and check for spelling and grammatical errors, as well as areas that don’t make sense or could be worded more efficiently.

For longer and more in-depth pieces of work, I check for inconsistencies throughout the topic or story.  These may include descriptions of characters or settings as well as historical facts.  I also check the way certain words have been spelt, for example if a word has been spelt using British English in one instance and American English in another.

When I’m working on academic articles and theses, I also pay close attention to the referencing style.

I understand how special your writing is and work with each of my clients in a kind and respectful way.

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Who needs a proofreader?

    • Authors – particularly indie-published
    • Content writers, such as web developers and bloggers
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Students
    • Professionals
    • Anyone who isn’t confident with English as a written language
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Are you ready for submission?

If you need someone to help get your work ready for submission, you can contact me here for a chat and a quote.

I’m based in Australia on the Sunshine Coast hinterland but, because of the nature of my work, I can take clients from all over the country (and world).

My prices start at $45/hour, but I offer discounts for student papers.