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You need a Virtual Assistant!

You’re a busy entrepreneur with clients to see and online courses to launch. You love what you do and have a gazillion ideas for more awesome content you want to offer.

There’s blog articles to write so Google doesn’t forget about you.

You’ve got an idea for an amazing FREE course to drive clients to your PAID course… but you can’t seem to find the time to finish either of them.

Then there’s the workbooks… for BOTH courses!

But you also need to stay on top of your social media posts to keep the algorithms sweet.

And then there’s that slick landing page.

And the email marketing work flow

I’ll let you into a little secret – you don’t have to do it all yourself.

I mean, you can if you want, but maybe you don’t have time to learn how to build an eye-catching landing page or a pretty e-book.

Or maybe you’re just not that good at… words.

Or maybe you’re amazing at all those things but just have better things to do with your time.

That’s where I come in.

As your virtual assistant, I can write those blog articles that you never seem to get around to; I can make your landing page look pretty; I can wrangle those workbooks into something slick and user-friendly so they can start earning you money.

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Who do I Virtually Assist?

My ideal client works in the wellness industry.

I’ve worked with yoga instructors, crystal healers, nutritionists, wellness coaches and mumpreneurs.

Are you ready to outsource so you can focus on the stuff you actually want to do? 

Let’s talk!
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Proofreading Services

If you have your content already written, I urge you, nay – implore you – to have it proofread before you send it out to the world.

When you’ve been working on something for a long time it’s difficult to see the woods for the trees and notice any errors you’ve made.

And let’s face it – no matter how careful we are, we all make mistakes.

Hiring an objective pair of eyes can help bring your important piece of work up to its very highest standard.

Your potential clients are highly educated, discerning people and, if your free e-book is full of grammatical errors, inconsistencies (or just rambles on and on and on…), it won’t convert those potential clients into PAYING clients.

I can tighten up the copy you’ve already written so it’s concise, professional and a dream to read.

I read through every piece of writing and check for inconsistencies, spelling and grammatical errors, as well as areas that don’t make sense or could be worded more efficiently.

When I’m working on academic articles and theses, I also pay close attention to your referencing style.

I understand how special your writing is and work with each of my clients in a kind and respectful way.

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Who needs a proofreader?

    • Content writers, such as web developers and bloggers
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Students and other academics
    • Professionals
    • Anyone who isn’t confident with English as a written language
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Are you ready for submission?

If you need someone to help get your work ready for submission, contact me for a chat and a quote.

I’m based in Australia on the Sunshine Coast hinterland but, because of the nature of my work, I take clients from all over the country (and world).

My prices start at $45/hour, but I offer discounts for student papers.