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Hi I’m Mel (aka M A Shieldhouse)…

…and I write children’s books.  As a mother of two young and cheeky monkeys, I’m an expert at sneaking vegetables into things and secretly removing the batteries from noisy toys… tell me more

I write children’s books…

Ever since I was a child, I’ve enjoyed writing stories.  The first story I remember writing was when I was eight.  It was inspired by an Alfred Hitchcock movie I watched on a plane.  It was probably quite rambling and confusing to read. 
I’ve improved quite a bit since then and am now working on an exciting and magical series of books called The Morven Manor Series.

…and I’m a copywriter

No, not a copyrighter – that’s completely different. 
Copywriting is writing copy (words) for other people’s books, websites, social media etc.
I work with amazing enterpreneurs and business people who are far too busy doing what they’re good at to write engaging content for their website.
Are you one of those too busy people?

Citrus season out of control?

Grab your free copy of ‘Beyond Marmalade‘ and say goodbye to that ‘mouldy lemons in the bottom of the fridge‘ problem once and for all.

Wait… is that just me?

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